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Somoloco Salsa Immersion

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Group dance classes don’t work…

…as well as private classes.  One month of privates are equivalent to one year of group classes! And actually affordable in Colombia 🙂


Here’s why privates are better:


         More feedback.

You get constant attention from your teacher to course correct you every step of the way (pun intended :)). So imagine over the course of an hour you get feedback every minute, which is 60 pieces of personalized feedback in a class. In a group setting, a teach can only spend so much time per each student, let alone see all students up front given how many people there are. You are lucking to get 6 pieces of personalized feedback over the course of the group class. Thats 1/10 the amount of feedback you are getting in a personalized class!


         Work at your own pace.

You may like to take your time and perfect certain exercises or moves, or maybe you like to breeze through them to just get reps and start creating muscle memory. There is no one way, but everyone has their own way.  Private classes allow you to move at your own pace vs group classes its one pace, that’s it!


         Work on what you need.

Since private classes are just for you, they can constantly adapt to exactly where you are at. There isn’t a canned program like a group class that is meant to be for everyone. So if you and your teacher observe you are stiff, maybe you just focus on body opening. Or maybe you master a sequence quickly and want to film an artistic version of it for your socials. It’s your time … you and your teacher get to use it as you please.


The gist?  I believe 1 year of group classes are equivalent to 1 month of private classes. 


So here’s what you are probably thinking: the problem in doing private classes in the US, Canada or Europe is that they are EXPENSIVE! In NYC an hour of private class with an experienced salsa teacher is minimum $100 per hour.  If we were to do the same immersion we do in Colombia in North America or Europe, it would cost minimum $5k per week, more if in cities like NYC or London (includes accommodation costs).   

In Colombia we are not only able to provide you with a much more affordable experience, but also a richer experience in a beautiful country that lives and breathes the salsa spirit! So you not only will learn how to dance, but learn how to feel and practice joy, flavor, and affection just like Colombians do 🙂


Are you ready to deep dive in private, one-on-once salsa classes with us in Colombia? Come alone, with a friend, a partner, or a group of friends any time of the year or during one of our public immersions to join others just like you wanting to bring the joy of salsa into their life 🙂


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